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>> reporter: good evening, brian. a day after new evidence that china's military is the source of thousands of cyber attacks against american business, the white house launched a new effort to protect trade secrets. cyber spying and other forms of economic espionage are a growing national security threat, much of it from china. according to a white house report released today. >> the hacker in china can acquire source code from a software company in virginia, without leaving his or her desk. >> reporter: a few keystrokes can result in the theft of designs worth billions. while china denies it engages in cyber war or other thefts of trade secrets, 16 of the 19 cases of economic espionage cited today involve china. victims included big corporate names like ford, dupont, general motors, cargo, dow chemical, boeing and motorola. and when it comes to cyber attacks, this week's revelation about unit 61398 of china's army, located in this nondescript building in shanghai, is only one example. >> this is just one part of what is a very robust military and intelligence chinese governmen
only from china, but as you point out, from the chinese military. a seven-year internet hunt zeroed in on one neighborhood in shanghai, and finally, this 12-story building, the source of thousands of cyber attacks against 141 u.s. companies spanning 20 industries. whose building is it? according to a new report confirmed by u.s. intelligence, it's the headquarters of unit 61398, the cyber warriors for china's peoples liberation army. >> i think it was time to let the world know, it's actually not just from china, it's the chinese government sanctioning these attacks. >> reporter: among the targets of china's hackers, america's very infrastructure. >> now our enemies are also seeking the ability to sabotage our power grid, our financial institutions, our air traffic control systems. >> reporter: other targets of chinese hackers, familiar brand names like coca-cola, facebook, "the new york times," "washington post" and "wall street journal," and only today, apple. the hackers have user names like ugly gorilla and doda. according to this instructional manual from mandia, the computer s
joining us. >>> up next "on the money," over came china's cultural revolution to become a star of america's >>> our entrepreneurs born or made? my next guest tells a remarkable story of innovation. she remade her own life, surviving a difficult youth in mao's china and american technology pioneer. king few is author of the memoir "bend not break." ping, great to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. >> so pleased to be here, maria. >> the memoir is actually a page turner. we were so looking forward to ha having you. it's been quite a journey. beginning with being sent to a labor camp at age 8 where you cared for your younger sister and suffered significant abuse. tell us a bit about what it was like during china's cultural revolution. children being taken from their parents to be re-educated. can you bring us into that a bit? >> yeah. it started in 1966 when mao said we didn't need academic education. we need to learn from farmers, worker, and soldiers. so all of us got -- in the school age, didn't go to school. and the country turned into chaos. there was red guards, which are
-sponsored computer hacking of american companies by china. well, tonight it's the news media itself under siege, including some very big names. our report from nbc's pete williams. >> reporter: the "new york times" says hackers have been attacking its computer system for the past four months. even managing to get passwords for individual reporters. the paper says its own security experts and the fbi traced the intrusions to hackers in china who it says were employing techniques associated in the past with hackers from the chinese military. another newspaper, "the wall street journal" says it too was hit by chinese hackers who apparently wanted to monitor its china reporting. no attempt, the journal says, to steal customer data. in beijing, any suggestion that the chinese were involved, quote, irresponsible. but "the times" says the hack attack coincided with a series of stories it posted on its website, which reported that relatives of china's prime minister had amassed a fortune worth several billion dollars through business deals. >> we first noticed the unusual activity on our network shortl
is these advanced persistent threats. >> the advanced persistent threat is the guy that comes every day, in china, reports to work and sits in that network. >> undetected and extracting information. >> in a new report released this week the cyber security firm mandiant pinpointed where some of the most sophisticated hackers in china are working, in or around this building, a chinese military unit's headquarters on the outskirts of shanghai. this elite group of hackers has been dubbed the shanghai group. they've struck 141 times since 2006 across all sectors of the u.s. economy. this is the first time such a group has been tracked right to the doorstep of the people's liberation army. the shanghai group is not the first to be accused of cyber theft. >> it's scary. i mean, this is the problem. it's scarey. >> brian shields, a computer security specialist suspected the chinese of hacking into his company as early as 2004. he worked for nortel, a giant canadian telecommunications company. a success story, nortel made cell phone equipment and at its height the company employed 20,000 people in the u.s
issues kerry will have to deal with, new accusations china is hacking american companies. scott mcgrew said those accusation are coming from the highest level. >> yeah, good morning. google chairman eric schmidt is going to take china to task in a new book thats he's written. this according to people who have had an early read of it. schmidt will blame china directly for many recent hacks of american businesses, warning china could be the internet's number one enemy, and that the u.s. will be at a disadvantage because american companies can't hack back. it's against american law. early reviewers say schmidt is very direct about his feelings about china. you don't expect that out of high tech companies. they usually coddle their relationship with the chinese. turning to wall street, today's not the day we're going to see any records set. the dow opened at just over 14,000, its highest level since 2007. and had it gained a bit, it would have set records for the highest ever, but today looks like minor losses instead. >>> speaking of losses, we have to eat a bit of crow or raven this
, somewhere else. >> reporter: packham says all those pandas china is breeding will likely spend their lives in zoos, including here in america, since china's industrial growth has left little space for them in the wild. >> and to have them as a zoo animal, to have them only living in captivity? >> no point. >> reporter: but sarah doesn't believe that saving the panda, even in the wild, is a lost cause. >> if we truly cannot save space for giant pandas, how could we ever have hope for any of the others. if we can't save the one we profess to love the most. >> reporter: at chengdu, they're doing everything they can to save this icon of wildlife conservation. kate snow, nbc news, chengdu, china. >> provocative topic. kate snow will have more on this tonight as part of "rock center" at 10:00, 9:00 central here on nbc. we are back in a moment with a woman on a fast track to make history this weekend. ♪ >> it's "saturday night live"! >> we want to wish a very happy 95th birthday to our friend, don pardo, long-time voice of "saturday night live," still going, still unmistakable. don pardo was fi
, tracking hackers from china in what many in both our government and our private secotor are calling all-out war. after attacks on facebook, google, twitter, "the new york times," coca-cola, and even apple, america, it seems, is in the midst of a cyber war against china. >> this it does seem that these attacks and intrusions are more brazen. >> reporter: mike is a former cyber policy adviser at the defense department. he says our government is threatened along with our personal information and says while the hackers are smart, the bay area tech industry is smarter. >> i think ideally i would like to see the government hooking up with more silicon valley companies. >> reporter: and that's happening inside the security companies like barracuda networks. here they're aware of the threat from china. they say when it comes to protecting your personal data it's a threat they see every hour. >> it happens all the time. it happens from everywhere. china just has the means to cover it up. >> reporter: so the attacks can be more brazen and out in the open which means we know what chinese hackers a
's going on? analysts say the reasons are many. china is demanding more oil every day to power its growing economy just as opec cut some of its output. international sanctions are reducing the amount of uranium oil on the world market while here at home, refineries are shutting down for maintenance as they prepare to switch to a summer blend. then market speculation and a weaker dollar play a role. >> we have to work. so we keep coming to work every day. but you have to put gas in your car to come to work. >> reporter: 43 cents in a month. >> that was nbc's tom costello. >>> after the long holiday weekend you the president and congressional staffers will be back at work this morning but with only ten days to prevent $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. the white house says president obama will hold a news conference to address the issue this morning. nbc's danielle lee has the details. danielle, good morning. >> reporter: mara, good morning. the president will urge congress to agree on a deal that balances those pending cuts with new revenue to avoid hurting the economy and the middle c
to strike back against cyber espionage. this is new information that suggest china's government is behind cyber attacks. nbc's danielle leigh is live in washington with the details. danielle, good morning. what are we expecting to hear from the white house this morning? >> reporter: mara, good morning, the white house will come out with a report detailing new aggressive steps to protect u.s. trade secrets against cyber attacks. that could include fines, penalties and other trade action. 140 companies were tar feted. this kind of attack is something the department of defense and white house has been concerned about for quite some time. the china government is denying being involved in any sort of attack. >> joe biden is offering up best advice on how to defend yourself with a firearm. joe biden talked about gun roll efforts, including the size of ammunition clips and other proposals. during that chat biden said the best thing for texas is a shotgun. >> put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. i promise you, whoever is coming in is not going to -- you don't need
hours of original video production a day. we have -- they have viewers in china, in new york, and so on. so why? because the cost per mile, which is the unit of advertising, i think is extremely high for vild owe production. again, i can give you the numbers for the journal, but i know they are very high. that's a the case for a lot of other organizations. "new york times" is doing the same. so as an ipod app we know that on the user side there is a need for more portable device that can just aggregate all the best news channels that are there. this is what we do. >> got to cut all of you off because we're going to run out of time. but traditional media is awesome. i think we'll leave it there. >> traditional media bring the quality of the experience. and this is what everybody wants in a device. >> flattery will get you everywhere. thank you for being here this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >>> it is fashion week in new york city and i bet you probably didn't know that. and there's the problem. getting silicon valley to dress up when "press: here" continues. >>> welcome back
amazing video from abroad. this time from china where a truck overturned barely missing a materialist. and another story, an army veteran who lost all four of his limbs underwent an arm strands plant. and back in d.c. president obama brought on the miami heat and showed some love for hilary. >> i think what did evolve is a friendship. >> reporter: who's the top dog? these are the most popular breeds. golden retrievers and g-shepherds are hot, these dogs are hip. but not all animals had a good week. iran said it launched a rocket containing a monkey into space. >> they did release a photo. this is the alleged iranian space monkey. i'm guessing he didn't volunteer for the mission. >> reporter: and now, back to more cute puppies. >> oh, hey. you got to pick who's going to win the super bowl. you ready? uh-oh. oh, my -- the ravens! >> the ravens. >> what's your prediction. >> i'll go with the niners. my home town team. all the animals are picking the ravens. >> do you think it will be easy for the niners? >> no. it's like 3 1/2. a close one but a good one. we'll watch the first half and d
on same store sales in china. >>> dell reportedly close to inking a $23 billion deal to take the pc company private, including a $2 billion investment from microsoft. >>> boeing formally filed a request from the faa to allow the company to resume test flights of dreamliners. necessity have been grounded since january 16th for a global investigation into battery-related fires. >>> goldman sachs ceo lloyd blank fine and marissa meyer will be a group of corporate leaders at white house advising president obama on his economic agenda. >>> the cost of next year's winter limbs in sochi, russia, has risen to $50 billion, five times more than originally planned. >>> in moscow, the first capsule hotel is open for business. a night in the sleep box with just the bare necessities goes for $85 a night. >>> back on this continent, the end of an era. the royal canadian mint is no longer making and distributing pennies. the one-cent coin costs 1.6 cents to produce. >>> beer powered beer from alaska. you heard me right. >>> plus, some police officers get the boot for goofing off while on the job. d
donald's australia is testing out table service cleat with china, glassware and cutlery. >>> and americans plan to spend more on valentine's day than last year. a man, 85 bucks and a woman, 48. it's always been expensive to be wealthy in california. but now millionaires are staring head on at a federal state income tax of 51.9%. and you guessed it, it is the highest in the nation. one saving grace for the moment, californians can deduct state tax from federal returns. >>> up next, your "early today" sports highlights. plus, meet a nasty nanny whose pension for slapping this kid just got her slapped by the law. >>> and now to some other stories that caught our eyes this morning. in new york, disturbing video shows a nanny slapping a 9-month-old for not eating. when the mother saw what was going on, she rushed home .fired the caretaker who has been charged with endangering the well fare of a child and resisting arrest. >>> in texas, 22-year-old grad student and chicken farmer has grown so close to his flock over the years, he's known around as chicken boy. he's handled the chickens for so long, h
china to the people in san francisco. let's celebrate and grow together. >> that is awesome. thank you for joining us here at the asian art museum in san francisco. this opens up on february the 22nd. it's a can't miss event. let's get to the weather maps. as we are upon the new year here in the san francisco bay area. we did have snow of our own back here last night and also early this morning down to 500 feet of rain snow mix and a dusting of snow across the santa cruz mountains. those of you in the fremont hills, we get a rain-snow mix. let's advance to the weather maps. we have the blizzard in the northeast, producing 1 to 3 feet of snow. if you are headed that way, do expect major delays. meanwhile, for tonight, we are expecting temperatures that are going to be dropping down in to the 20s and the 30s, areas of patchy frost for the north bay and east bay and like lg ice on the roads. this exhibit, once again, it's out here at the asian art museum of san francisco, you can come out this sunday, even to the museum while it's not open just yet. the exhibit, you can enjoy the fest act
is spared from a pulpy finish. >>> in china, a folk tradition honored the festival. molten iron heated to 1,000 degrees is thrown on to the cold bricks at the city gate creating this beautiful spark and burst of light. absolutely gorgeous. the dazzling display of these iron flashes seen by thousands is a 500-year-old ritual that ushered in the lunar new year. i feel sorry for that guy, though, right in the middle of it. >> i don't know how he does. the year of the snake. >> it is -- happy year of the snake. >> that's right. >> to you. >> not sure how i feel that. >>> it is time for a look at some of the stories making news today. in texas, chris kyle will be remembered at cowboys stadium. thousands are expected to attend a memorial service there honoring the life and sacrifice of the former navy s.e.a.l. killed last weekend at a central texas gun range. >>> former army staff sergeant clint ramouchet will be awarded the medal of honor at the white house this afternoon. he's only the fourth living service member to win the event from afghanistan. he'll be a guest of the first lady at tomorrow
. the test means north korea has dee fied orders to shut down nuclear activity. even china, a long-time ally of north korea, opposed the test. the test had a greater explosive force than the previous two tests. stay tuned to hear the state of the union address live starting at 6:00 tonight, we will also carry the republican response and of course, we will have complete analysis tonight at 11:00. >> the first lady has several guests. including apple's ceo particular coo o -- ceo tim cook. he did address a lawsuit by a shareholder this morning. the claim is that the company is shorting shareholders and keep cash on the books and cook described it as a silly side shoe. apple has $137 billion in cash on hand. the stock has lost 35% of its value in recent months. >> tough at any age. a local group proving you are never too old to defend yourself. we will introduce you to the art of kacane-do. >> and the health risk that comes from being first born. >> temperatures close to 70, and gillroy was one of the warmest at 67. we will have details on when we hit 70 in a few minutes. hello? the words are g
. >>> nasa ames is under investigation accused of sharing technology with china and other country. the fbi has been investigating nasa ames for the past four years. the congressmen say the u.s. attorney's office in northern california wants to bring criminal charges but has been blocked by the justice department. the u.s. attorney's office denies that claim. >>> we have new video from a courtroom in south africa. in one fatal night olympian oscar pistorius went from local superstar and international hero to standing trial for premeditated murder. during his very first hearing while these charges are being read he breaks down in tears. michelle kosinski witnessed it all in the courtroom. >> reporter: olympian oscar pistorius, accustomed to the cheer of victory, keeps his head down, now shielding his face from cameras to and from court. today the world press gathered him around while he's charged with the murder of his girlfriend shot three times in the head and body in pistorius's upscale well-secured home around 4:00 a.m. thursday. at 30, a cover girl, law school grad, soon to be reality s
have real war games. we have real wars. china, u.s. irkse ran. -- iran. >> i think of a movie version of "homeland." war on terror over the last 10, 12 years, who are the people making decisions of what we have given up and gained in terms of safety. >> i want to see "the security" the movie. matters hugely, "supreme court the movie" give us the health care bill or bush v gore. mandy and antonin scalia and all kinds of good stuff behind the scenes and americans would see it. chris: they did it back the 1954 case. >> long time ago. chris: grave movie. thanks to great round table. and that's the you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
china or from this other part of the world and -- >> i'll get it for you. >> reporter: how? you have experience. >> lots of experience. you have to be connected in terms of who you know and where you go. you have to be legal in terms of the paperwork and all that stuff. >> reporter: there are some of the most common orchids at the show. >> the most beautiful. actually, this is one of our best, the beauty award from taiwan. taiwan is the sponsor of the year's show. we're really glad to have them. most of these different looking ones that you see, that you'll see in your kmarts in about a year are the new easy to grow hybrids. >> bruce, thank you very much. >> bob, a lot of fun. you didn't come here for the orchids. >> reporter: no, i got these on the bottom of my shoes. john, i want to congratulate you on that arrangement you did. i know you're a big florist. i didn't know you were that good. the show runs saturday and sunday. you can go to orchidssan francisco.org. the first year for the orchid expo, the largest of its kind in north america. >> i appreciate the love. that arrangement
diplomatic relations with china and sign a treaty with the soviet union. >>> a fire in san francisco damaged a five story apartment building this afternoon. officials say quick police work prevented any injuries. the fire burned late this morning on golden gate avenue. it started in a restaurant on the ground floor when a pot left on the show sent the flames shooting up a flew. police were able to alert everyone to evacuate. a total of eight apartments were left uninhabitable. most are staying with friends and relatives but the red cross is providing aid. >>> in palo alto police are looking for a man who reported lee tried to rob another man at gun point. police say it happened at 8:30 right outside the webster parking garage. he the would-be robber road up on a by sickleal, pulled out a gun and demanded cash. he managed to safely run away. three other armed robberies have happened in palo alto in recent weeks and police are investigating. >>> friends and family of an east bay couple expressing their concerns after the two vanished. >>> danica patrick did not win the daytona 500 obut she did
helped broker peace between israel and egypt, established diplomatic relations with china and signed a treaty of soviet union to scale down the number of nuclear weapons in the world. he won the nobel peace prize in 2002. >>> coming up next at 6:00, a report from around the world after a shooting rampage that rocked their community. tonight, how the team of newtown, connecticut, are saying thank you. >>> also, if you visited the pump recently, the gas prices are sky high. >>> we saw a warmer finish to the weekend around the bay area. highs today did reach the upper 60s in parts of the north santa rosa. 52 around san jose. before we see temperatures warm even warmer in the 70s we've got that system you're looking at right there that may toss a few showers our way early tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about the changes in the forecast when we come right back. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and so
with antibiotics from china. sales could drop 25% this quarter. >> no more conference calls in your pjs. melissa meyer said all employees who work remotely have to come in to the office by june. we need to be physically together. department chain's macy's and j.c. penney will duke it out in court who has the right to sell martha stewart's branded bruise. amazon will jump start its streaming video service. creators will get $10,000 for an option and a share of the royalties if there show is produced. oscar nominee helen hunt wore a strapless gown from h and m. straight ahead, sword swallowing in the big apple for a good state. ohio state takes on michigan state as march madness gets closer. you're watching "early today." >>> now to some stories that caught our eye this morning. we begin in california with a major melee between college baseball teams. fists began flying after one player was tagged out and shoved by an opposing player. the bench-clearing brawl between sacramento state and u.c. riverside led to three player ejections. >>> in chicago, police arrested at least 20 people after rowdy te
. >>> in china, crowds gathered near a village to catch a glimpse of a very rare sight. a sleeping wild panda cozied up on a roadside cliff near a national nature reserve. although the area is home to 56 wild pandas, seeing one up close and personal is a real treat here. as people gathered nearby they woke the panda who made a hasty retreat back to the forest. >>> this is one baby you probably don't want bouncing on your knee, a czech zoo welcomed the arrival of a newborn elephant this month. she's the zoo's first new elephant and weighed more than 200 pounds at birth. the calf doesn't have a name quite yet but the zoo plans to have a contest to name her once she makes her public debut. that would be a heavy baby. >>> all the activity at the vatican has given local businesses a boost here. one religious memorabilia store owner said sales have increased as the world awaits the election of a new pope. the papal portraits are apparently the hottest sellers so far. and while pope benedict may be in the spotlight, pope john paul ii merchandise is the favorite among shoppers. he was certainly a fav
years. blue prints were unveiled at a new york museum. it will be built in china. 40,000 peep have expressed interest in buying tickets. they will dress in period costumes and dine from the same menu. palmer said apparently, with a straight face that one of the benefits of global warming is that there are not as many icebergs in the north atlantic and he promises to have enough life boats. >> two officers shot? san tan cruise, we will go back to breaking news after the break. >> an update on the breaking news, live scenes, live pictures from the nbc chopper. two officers have been shot and taken to the hospital, no word on their conditions. there are reports that a third person may have also been shot of course it looks like they have brought in an armored vehicle. it happened not far from the santa cruz board walk. the man hunt is on for the suspect. if fbi has now joined in on the man hunt. we will have the latest coming up. see you then. thanks. >>> on our broadcast tonight, ready or not. we're now within 72 hours of those drastic budget cuts across the american economy, and the
after an explosion in china. a truck carrying fireworks exploded on a highway bridge. the blast was so powerful it destroyed part of the bridge and sent a dozen vehicles 100 feet to the ground. earlier reports 26 people dead have been changed to nine people killed. fireworks explosions are common in china especially during this time of year. chinese new year is next weekend. jessica? >>> thank you very much, janel. still ahead at 6:00, trying to quell contraception concerns. what the obama administration is promising to do. >> guess who is in town. recognize him and her? al roker with a little star power. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. great to see christina out there with al. you can see temperatures for saturday. they're going to be cooling off. cloud cover increasing for those interior valleys. if you're planning a barbecue here in the bay on sunday for the super bowl, here is that barbecue forecast. temperatures that are going to be cooling off into the upper 50s with a little bit of cloud cover. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real
in northern china. the city celebrated the lunar new year this way for more than 500 years. >> how is he not catching on fire, is my question. >> because he's been doing it for so long they know how to avoid it. >> apparently. >> like a flare. >> it looks a little dangerous. >> it's not that hot maybe. i'm rooming the dice here. i don't know. >> they're being hit. >> they're being hit but they don't care. it's a tradition. people in china and most asian countries are celebrating the first lunar year, the year of the blackwater snake lasts until january 31st of last year. >> not just a snake, a blackwater snake. >> interesting. >> now we know. >> if you can't have rain, might as well enjoy the sunshine. >> second half of the week looks warmer. clouds and cooling next weekend. dry. seven-day forecast. >> thanks for watching "nbc bay area news." ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >> this is "the chris matthews show." >> ask not what your country can do for you. >> tear down this wall. >> i can hear you. >
of hacking, google chairman eric schmidt calls china the world's number one hacker in his new book called "the new digital age." it's due out in april. and in it schmidt says cyber attacks from china are damaging to america's economy. >> another tech heavy hitter is talking. microsoft chairman bill gates is not satisfied with microsoft especially when it comes to cell phones. nonetheless he gave current ceo steve balm aerovote of can ha confidence saying the future looks good for the company that he started. >>> future oyster prices could be decided this week. the owner of the oyster company will be in court this weak to fight a federally imposed order to close the business. if the court does not grant an injunction, drake's bay will have to close by march 15th. some believe that will lead to higher oyster prices, lower quality and impact the environment because the tra transportation needed to import oysters here to the bay area. drake's supplies 40% of california's oysters. >> california's fishing industry appears to be on the upswing. fishermen are enjoying bigger hauls and raking in m
rice spent most of the day at the united nations getting a unanimous condemnation, including from china. the question, how much will china really pressure north korea economically? can they reach the united states, and if so, have they now with this test, as they claim, so miniaturized the weapon they could put it on a rocket that could get that far? this test was a lot bigger -- a lot bigger explosion than we had anticipated. we put aircraft up in the air with sensors to see if it was uranium rather than plutonium. uranium would be more dangerous. in looking at the chamber and you see all of the characters, you don't see chuck hagel, the defense secretary nominee. he had a rough time in the nomination hearing this afternoon. ted krug, the freshman from texas, went after him so personally and so vigorously, that even john mccain and other critics of haggle came to his defense and he ended up with a 14-11 vote in committee and it will go to the floor now, so he likely will be confirmed, perhaps as soon as thursday. >> those just joining us, we want to bring you up to date on what's happe
with these guys, and that will result in gridlock for the country which is horrible. if he does nixon and china, he can have storied stuff. >> katty, how much does he feel he has to do when he feels at the height of his confidence at the moment? >> he's got this kind of fairly short window, where he's just been re-elected. his first state of the union where he's not running for re-election. he can take that onboard and decide he's going to try and push his agenda. but the window is short because fairly soon the members of the house will start thinking about mid term elections. if he wants to get big things done, he'll have to do it soon. in 2012, he promised a fairer america. he raised taxes. with the house at the end of the year, we'll see if inequality levels start to come down in america. but the big thing he'll have to do is promise to get jobs for the country. we're living in a world where robots are cheap and efficient, and people are expensive and inefficient. he has to find a post manufacturing america and lay out a plan for it for job growth. and that's the single biggest priority. >>
out the reason. turns out china cut off the electricity for nonpayment of our bill. that's what it is. [ laughter ] shut it off. shut it down. that's it! well, cbs is now facing a a possible fine because ravens quarterback joe flacco was overheard dropping the f-bomb on the air. he said the f-word. did you hear it? you probably heard it. well, cbs is arguing they could not have foreseen this happening. you know, someone on the ravens breaking the law who isn't
deficit with china felt by quite a bit suggesting strong american manufacturing and exports. now it's good news, but it doesn't gibe with the latest gdp numbers we have showing that the american economy has contracted. so economists are going to have to go back and figure this one out. those discouraging gdp numbers could very well be wrong. >>> a decent day on the markets. it's been a peculiar week this week, a lot of up and a lot of down. linkdn doing well after blowout yesterday. >>> and the power company that provided electricity to the louisiana superdome said it figured out what caused the power outage during the super bowl. it wasn't hackers, beyonce, it was just a bad relay. sometimes the explanation turns out to be a bit routine. a thing-ga-ma-doo quit working. >> fun to think that beyonce blew out all the lightsp. >> scott mcgrew talking about a thing-ga-ma-doo. >> technical term. >>> a live look. beautiful clear skies more or less here over san francisco. this is the clearest it's been all day. so mostly sunny here. let's show you san jose now. oh, yeah, we're still dealing with
's a woman warrior but her detractors call her a bull in a china shop and a union buster which doesn't seem to bother her one bit. >> you're not really fazed at all about what people think about you. you seem to have your convictions and whatever people say, it just blows off your back. >> you know, i think that it's necessary to understand that when you want to change the status quo, when you're going to bring about a significant transformation to anything, you're going to get a lot of pushback. at the end of the day the way that i look at it is our public education system is broken. it is not working for the vast majority of children in this country. we are spending more money per child in this nation than almost any other developed country in the entire world and yet the results are lagging behind. and so we have to understand that there is a lot of work to be done, there are a lot of changes that need to happen. and, you know, if people wanting to push back against that, i'm okay with that as long as what we're doing is fighting for kids. >> but it's interesting because a lot of people
into the summer driving season. >> reporter: what's going on? analysts say the reasons are many. china is demanding more oil every day to power its growing economy. just as opec cut some of its output. and international sanctions are reducing the amount of iranian oil on the world market. at home, refineries are shutting down from maintenance as they prepare to switch to a summer blend. then market speculation and a weaker dollar play a role. in san diego -- >> hey, i'm a waitress. come on. i'm not making 200 grand a year. >> reporter: the price at the pump can quickly add to the cost of the daily commute. a 40-mile round-trip, 22 days a month, averaging 22 mpg at $3.50 a gallon costs $140 a month. at today's average of $3.73 a gallon, $149 a month. at $4.25 a gallon, $170. and at $4.50 a gallon, $180 a month. >> we have to work, so we keep coming to work every day. but you have to put gas in your car to come to work. >> reporter: 43 cents in a month. the national average, $3.73 right now. and the experts are saying they don't think that we will get over $4 a gallon for a national aver
. the giants will soon have a new neighbor in china basin. >> i'll drink to that. the team along with mayor ed lee made the announcement today. anchor brewing company will be the first tenant, and the anchor of the mission rock development project south of the ballpark. the brewery will expand operations to pier 48, transforming the empty building into a brew house. why didn't we think of that? >> since we're the official giants station, maybe we should have an nbc booth tucked away in the back. a studio even, what do you think? >> that would be a good idea. >> tomorrow morning, temperatures in the upper 20s and also low 30s. and watch out for some icy roadways in the north bay and east bay hills. >> thanks for joining us. >> good night. dinner's ready. [ female announcer ] hamburger helper stroganoff. beefy. creamy. stroganoffy. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer
. >> reporter: sarah becsal, a conservationist, has been working in china at the research base of giant panda breeding for 13 years. >> i think that infantile appearance engenders us to want to protect, protect, protect. >> reporter: with so few pandas left in the wild, scientists have been breeding pandas in captivity with the home of one day setting them free. a high-tech, expensive operation. female pandas are anesthetized and artificially inseminated. here's the result -- these cubs are just four months old they're so cute and so little. we were allowed to go into the nursery and watch them sleeping, eating, and learning how to walk. it's almost become like an industry. you know, trying to make as many pandas as possible. >> i would say that that's a fair way to explain it. >> reporter: an industry dedicated to saving the panda. what could be wrong with that? >> i think that pouring millions and millions of dollars into one species of albeit incredibly cute animal is salacious. >> reporter: a wildlife expert for the bbc is one of a small but growing number of critics that think with so ma
. even as alarming new evidence points to china's military, as a major source of the cyber war. >>> zeroed in on that shanghai nondiscrypt neighborhood and 12 story building. cyber attacks against 141 u.s. companies spanning 20 industries. according to a new security report, confirmed by u.s. intelligence, the it is the headquarters of unit 61398, the cyber warriors for china's people's liberty. army. >> it's actually not just from china. the chinese government sanctioning these attacks. >> among the targets of the hackers, america's very infrastructure. >> now our enemies are seeking the ability to sabotage our power grid, our financial institutions, our air traffic control systems. >> reporter: other targets, the news media, including "the new york times," the washington post and "wall street journal" and familiar brands like coca cola, facebook. and now apple. the hackers have names like ugly gorilla and dota, according to this instructional video from the computer security firm that did the study. >> here we see dota logging into one of its e-mail accounts. >> reporter: how
player who once bet the white house china and lost it all. true or false? >> false, false. >> the answer is true. >> can you imagine explaining that to the secretary of the treasury? by the way -- >> sorry. >> i'm sure there was alcohol involved. >> true or false. our second president john adams often skipped school to secretly take ballet classes. true? >> now, if you know anything about john adams, you'll know the answer to that. >> or false? false. >> the correct answer is false. >> i love my handwriting. >> she does. can i tell you something that's bugging me? we changed hotels since i have been in los angeles, and you know what i keep doing? losing everything. >> everything. >> no, my phone was lost for a whole day. it was under the seat of the car. >> uh-huh. >> i arrived at my second hotel with two shoes that didn't match, and i called the other hotel, and they said we did find a pair of shoes -- >> mismatched. >> mismatched shoes. i was just thinking about how much time in my life i spend searching for the other shoe. >> i've been trying to get you organized for almost five years
control laws with foreign governments such as china. the roar of this modified german fighter jet taking off and landing at nasa ames field has prompted a roar of outrage about the deal that allows this and five other private airplanes to be based here at nasa ames by a company h-211 named after the hangar they are housed. the owners are the principles of google which coincidentally has its headquarters just blocks away. we are asking some simple questions. after analyzing most of the flights into and out of move fet field which showed less than 15% of those flights were for scientific purposes, iowa senator charles grassley sent a letter to nasa demanding answers but got few. >> why all the stonewalling then? the more stonewalling you get, then the more you wonder, well, it makes you more crazy than ever to get to the bottom of it because maybe this is a big thing. i don't think it needs to be a big thing. it may not be a big thing. the fact they are answering our questions makes you wonder what's up? are they trying to cover up something in. >> reporter: now nasa's own inspector genera
to chris brown. >>> people ring in the year of the snake. lester holt can't belive it. china is helping to usher in the lunar new year. lester did not celebrate. people flooded the streets for the different festivals and all the wonderful food. >>> finally, in college basketball, overtime is fun. double o.t. is exciting. triple o.t. is pretty amazing. quadruple is unheard of. five times and you probably think i'm kidding. five overtimes. scored tied at 60 sending it into the six o.t. a couple of bathroom breaks later, notre dame win eus it. 104-101. >> back in 1981. cincinnati and bradley took it to seven overtimes. >> not bad. >> five overtimes when they had seven. >> they're saying they're tied after five. >> jenna, thanks. >>> bill karins is killing in this morning. he has a look at the weather forecast. al hinted we have more. >> another storm coming in the midwest. 8 to 12 inches are coming. sounds like a flurry compared to what we just got done with. aberdeen, sioux falls, north platte. we had tornado warnings in the last couple hours outside dallas. we haven't had any reports of
and china. there are seven magic words. if he would say this, he would unlock a lot of republican votes. he'd have to fight his own party, but it's time for that. those words are change ppi and beneficiaries pay a little more. >> that's for medicare, for -- >> that's a serious look at entitlements, which the country needs. >> mayor, you know just how hard the politics are on that. plus the sense that the president is feeling, look, i don't have an opposition to trust in that if we move forward on something like that. >> the president is prepared to move. he showed with mr. boehner he is prepared to do deals and to move. but he has to have a republican party that's really willing to dance with him. i know that. now everybody is talking about sequestration and all of the needs for cuts and the rest. but we have a model in the u.k. where they have -- they have used this policy, and their growth in the u.k. is about 1%. so we are rushing to do something in the united states that is failing in britain as we speak in terms of -- >> and britain is well represented here by katty kay. >> we are look
places don't have strict building codes like california does. experts point to places like china and the middle east where housing isn't designed to withstand an earthquake. >>> he's a free man for now. a judge has granted bail to olympic track star oscar pistorius. the judge's ruling took about two hours but, in the end he says he doesn't believe the double amputee is a flight risk or a danger to the community. pistorius is accused of premeditated murder in the death of his girlfriend on valentine's day. pistorius says he thought an intruder was there. the trial is scheduled to begin this june. in the meantime pistorius must surrender his passport and his guns and also to stay away from drugs and alcohol. >>> still ahead at 6:00, from dishwasher to celebrity chef. he built an empire, tv, books, and fried chicken. we go behind the scenes with tyler florence. >>> plus, a conversation that parents may want to skip with their kids when it comes to drugs. >>> and, good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. a quick look at the forecast, some fog and drizzle tom
. >>> in china, they started shooting out of a building overnight after a fire happened inside. that started in a candle production area and spread to a fireworks warehouse on the lower floors. let me see if i can get. this candles and fireworks being made in the same building. okay. >>> tonight, hollywood will recognize the best of the best in the motion picture industry. last night, last night the worst of the worst took center stage at the razzies. the big winner or loser, twilight breaking dawn part 2. it took were seven awards, including kristen stewart for worst actress. they both made a gazillion dollars making the worst movie. that is probably what they're saying. i would probably say the same thing. you want to give a razzie, give me the gazillion dollars that goes along with it. >> and our first check of the weather. >> storms making their way into the plains states. right now in the rockies. we will pick up another 6 to 10 inches of snow in denver. you can see we have blizzard warnings posted through the plains. kansas looks like we will see our second blizzard in just a week. tha
of that is for not unless china steps up and takes some responsibility here and itself imposes tougher restrictions on oil shipments and other supplies to north korea. but, you know, at the same time this is an indication that any hopes that the current 29-year-old north korean leader kim jong ill is different than his father. this nuclear test overnight is an indication that he, like his father, are intent on becoming a nuclear power, savannah. >> jim, i know we recently saw in january some very threatening language coming out of the north korean leadership, so this is something the u.s. is watching very, very closely. jim at the pentagon for us. thank you. now here's matt. >>> savannah, thank you. we're learning more about thorng about the vatican's plans to elect a new pope in the wake of pope benedict's surprise decision to retire at the end of the month. rich richard engel is live in the vatican city. >> reporter: it's an act of humility and encourage to make way for a younger man. 24 hours later there's still shock in the vatican city. >> shocked. disappointed. sad. >> reporter: this morning roman c
with air travel. this is in china. this is a government official in china, who was unhappy because he missed not one, but two flights. >> uh-huh. >> watch the tantrum that ensued. this is at the check-in counter. rips out the computers. >> what do you mean i can't get on the plane, he says? >> upset that he wasn't let on. >> i like that he takes through the sign. >> if i crash through the door. >> one wonders what it takes to get security to intervene. >> well, because he outranks them, they were afraid of him. there are three guards, you can see them, standing behind the ticker tape thing there. >> they were just waiting for him to tire himself out. >> exactly, like when your kid has a tantrum. >> let him play it out eventually -- >> social media is taken off in china. they're able to capture these guys and now this guy apparently is -- >> former government official. >> well, he was suspended and now facing punishment. >> yeah, yeah. he will be in for -- >> he was traveling with his wife and two kids. they got to see that. >> the wife was just standing there like, honey, calm down. >
on them. >> and return it if you don't like it. >> going to fine china. if you're one of those people that never got your full set and want to complete your china set. >> september is a good time for china deals. dinnerwe dinnerweardepot is good and replacemen replacement.com. you have a set, broke one dish and you can find its match and find wholesale sets for deep discounts. >> if you're looking for one wineglass, you can fill in. >> you have seven and need eight. >> vacuum cleaners, last but not least. these can be a couple hunded dollars for really good ones. >> these are really big items. the best time to buy, this is the time to check the big home stores with in-house coupons, bed, bath and beyond. kohl's are good. april and may are good. june models of vacuum cleaners come out. like cars, get the vacuums before the new models come out. april and may. >> a sarah peterson, thank you. >> would you let someone pay you to name their baby? coming un, the news and weather. >>> good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm marla tellez. meteorologist christina loren tracking a very nice forecas
" in china. >> reporter: merely teenagers when the season ended but they're still attracted by the carefree friendship lifestyle. >> we admire their life. we want to be like one of the characters in the show. >> it's about the caring between friends. >> reporter: it's an appealing contrast to the often stressful and competitive world facing young chinese. there have even been five marriage proposals in beijing's central perk, inspired by another famous scene. >> i really cried at that moment. >> reporter: other see "friends" as a tool for learning colloquial english. >> i like chandler. >> reporter: and most memorable scene. >> i think it's so touching. >> reporter: for china's gunther it's not so much a business but what he call a passion and a dream. >> there you go. enjoy. >> reporter: this place has proved to be so popular that gunther has opened a second central perk in shanghai. it may have been almost a decade since the last show but his passion is still shared by a legion of young chinese. i have to tell you guys, the cheesecake is great. >> thanks for trying for all of us, ian. we
. >> reporter: this photo, after he hit a tree in china, says it all. but once he's up, he takes his hands off the controls and starts taking photos. compare images from a unique perspective no other photographer has ever captured. >> could people react when they see you up there? >> usually, who is that crazy adventure dude? if people are looking edgy or nervous, i wave with both hands and say i don't have a weapon. >> reporter: describe the landing? >> you come in fast and a few feet off the ground, pull the brake lines and my first steps are skid marks. within about four or five steps i'm stopped on the ground. >> reporter: what does your wife think of this? >> she's not real keen on it. when we got married i wasn't doing this. shortly after a wedding, i have this great idea, i think i can fly this parachute with a motor on the back. she's like, what? she's very tolerant. >> reporter: translation, his wife is a saint, especially since she knows their three kids are lobbying for a ride. he started shooting photos more than 30 years ago when he dropped out of stanford to hitchhike through afr
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